"Just got my AC looked @ by Louie of Ed & Sons. I couldn't be more happy!  As soon as he looked @the outside fan unit, he immediately diagnosed the problem. Bad capacitor to the compressor. No problem, got that in the truck, swap it out with the new one! Oh, btw you're coils look pretty dirty....No problem, I'll just clean em real quick with the hose & show you how to do it so that you can keep your fan unit running efficiently! Really??!!!! This is a dream, right? You can't be this honest & trustworthy right? I'm telling you right now, I'm wide awake & not dreaming. Reputable companies/people DO exist! And the name is Ed & Sons/Louie..."


Alan S.  Austin, TX

"Throughout life I have learned it best to work with smaller service companies when possible for both personal and business service needs. When you deal with a small service company you typically deal with the same person. They know the account history and also have no one else to blame. If they don't fix it right they know they will be the ones returning. Eddie has been great. Great response and service. He will do a total HVAC replacement on my ancient system when I am ready. Meanwhile, he keeps it running and optimized. I highly recommend Ed's Air Conditioning for your A/C needs."

Byron Smith, Austin, TX

"Back in 2010, my husband was out of work, and our AC was not working properly. We called two different services, one of them quite well known nationally, and they both told us the same thing. Our coils were dirty and could not be cleaned properly. They both said we needed a new outside unit. One quote was $2500 and the other $4000. As my husband was drawing unemployment, we couldn't swing it. We borrowed a friend's window unit and put it in a window upstairs, hoping it would make the July heat bearable at night. The thought that our "unfixable" AC was only 6 years old made it all the more painful.
Finally my husband got some contract work, and I called Ed & Sons. I don't remember if I turned to them because someone recommended them, but I am so thankful I did. One of the sons came out promptly. (When I asked about Ed, he explained that his father, who started the business 50 years ago, was no longer working.) I told him about the previous diagnoses, and he told me that he would do his darndest to clean the coils, even though the other services had said it wasn't possible.
Two hours later, not only were the coils cleaned and the AC working, he charged me only $250!! He also explained that the reason the coils had gotten so dirty was that the filter size we were using was incorrect and placed improperly, allowing dust and dirt to accumulate on the coils. He showed me how to place the correctly sized filter so that the dust wouldn't leak around the edges.
It's now four years later, and we still have the same unit. We call Ed & Sons to do annual inspections. Last month when one of the sons came out, he did the maintenance work quickly, and as he went out the door, he said don't pay me now, I'll send you the bill in the mail. I love doing business with folks who not only are trustworthy but who trust me as well"

Anita R.  Round Rock, TX

"Louie at Ed & Sons has helped me on numerous occasions in two different residences in north Austin. One issue had to do with a water leak from below an older A/C system, and the other was with an issue with the furnace on a house I was considering buying. He is reliable, straightforward and honest, and I would not hesitate to call him again. I truly believe that they are not out to just make money - Louie seems to genuinely like the helping-people aspect of his work."


J.R.  Austin, TX

"I had called another company previously to Ed & Sons coming out, & they wanted to upsell me to a whole new unit upwards of $6000 - $10000!!!! Didn't even look @ the outside fan unit....just wanted to talk about installing a new unit or a new compressor, which cost a whopping $2000!! All for a blown capacitor that just cost $50....
It pays to get a second opinion, to say the least!!! Especially if that second opinion is from Ed & Sons!"


Alan S.  Austin, TX

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