Our Family Business

"I truly believe that they are not out to just make money - they seem to genuinely like the helping-people aspect of their work."
                                                                                                                - J.R.   Austin, TX

Ed and Sons Inc. has been serving the Austin, TX area since 1958. We specialize in HVAC, Air

Conditioning and Heating services. We provide both new equipment installation as well as general maintenance and repair.  As a family owned and operated business, we have been providing honest and affordable services for more than 55 years!  We elect to not spend any money on advertising, generating savings that we can then pass down to our customers.  90% of our business is from returning customers and general word of mouth, we would love to earn your business too!


We specialize in Residential Service in Central Texas.  From basic service calls, to complete HVAC services, our experienced technicians will quickly diagnose your system.

If you are in need of a complete system replacement, we offer a variety of energy-saving options and quick professional installation.


Basic Maintenance is important to handle the Texas Heat.  We are happy to not only help you with basic maintenance issues, but also provide suggestions for more efficient use year-round.

For more than 55 years, we have worked with local businesses all over Central-Texas. We are incredibly reliable and readily available for your light commercial needs.

"Just got my AC looked @ by Louie of Ed & Sons. I couldn't be more happy!  As soon as he looked @the outside fan unit, he immediately diagnosed the problem. Bad capacitor to the compressor. No problem, got that in the truck, swap it out with the new one! Oh, btw you're coils look pretty dirty....No problem, I'll just clean em real quick with the hose & show you how to do it so that you can keep your fan unit running efficiently! Really??!!!! This is a dream, right? You can't be this honest & trustworthy right? I'm telling you right now, I'm wide awake & not dreaming. Reputable companies/people DO exist! And the name is Ed & Sons/Louie..."


Alan S., Austin, TX

"Throughout life I have learned it best to work with smaller service companies when possible for both personal and business service needs. When you deal with a small service company you typically deal with the same person. They know the account history and also have no one else to blame. If they don't fix it right they know they will be the ones returning. Eddie has been great. Great response and service. He will do a total HVAC replacement on my ancient system when I am ready. Meanwhile, he keeps it running and optimized. I highly recommend Ed's Air Conditioning for your A/C needs."

Byron Smith, Austin, TX

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